Candy fucked hard 11

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Description: Just like Maddi I meet Candy when she was 19 also they both 26 now its been a lot of years. Candy stole my heart I still a Simp for her lol if she wants something I do it, yeah I know its Simping but what can I say. She moved to the coast couple years ago meet a new guy a white dude. Its a video of her and her BF on here she sold me and gave consent to post it. He really turned her out eating her ass in the video and doing anal. I begged for anal lol. I ask how she like anal she said its good but she has to be prepared for it. If she ever comes back to visit you already know im hittimg. Candy works bought a house so I deleted her videos because she changed her but she said repost her because a deal is a deal and she did more promo vids. I like loyalty but if its going to hurt a persons future its cool to delete them. Leave some comments.


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