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Description: myviprooms stemmed from manywhores where we started 11 years ago we ran manywhores for about 6 years until it came under attack by a member or members who joined because they were jealous of models they knew being online and decided to destroy the site by making it free to the public. Some of the same people who said they didnt like us was posting videos every where and contacting me saying get this chick and that chick so they could get the videos and repost them. This went on for a year before someone told me about it bc I had know idea. So manywhores had to be parked and myviprooms was born and the same haters tried the same thing here but it was caught after a few days we shut down regrouped. Its a lot of work doing what I do and its costly and can be dangerous. Risking health doing BBF risking getting robbed and so on. But haters dont care all they know is that model they love is online and they mad even though the models dont GAF about them. So here we are in year 12 total between the 2 sites looking forward to serving you another year. But the problem is even though we got plenty new models and new content with some of the old models is it really worth it to continue. We dont have many members and getting members is hard because of OF who sued me by the way for using OF3 kinda sad isnt it. Guys want super stars and thats exactly what we have in the stash but debating on posting them because of low membership. I dont see memebership getting any better as time goes on so whats the point. I was doing it out of habit I love fucking models on camera. So where do we go from here I dont know we at a cross roads monitoring membership as it goes down. If it gets to low we will pull the plug because operating cost paying to be online is to high if you not making any money. So help us stay online tell a friend about real life and models they know fucking on camera. Im John Barns peace and love and appreciation.


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