Maddi 2 reposted

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Description: I hope this makes the broke boy who crying to Maddi and others on here about being on the site I hope this make him cry, I deleted her video and said i will repost another one who tf he think he is getting models upset. Broke boy drama. This my site and he can kiss my whole entire

ceeb maddi

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c8e3bbdf 1 week ago

Yeah I don’t get the jealousy, i personally like seeing chicks ive fucked online and they loved being recorded, makes them feel special I guess, I’ve been with a couple on here lol

johnb 1 week ago

Well because some guys are in love with models low key they Simp out for them. Some its racial because i have saw some texts calling a few models N word lovers. Some are in shock when they see a model they know posted. But the thing is if they doing video with me most likely they doing it with other guys. Maddi was already online sucking cock before i meet her and several others were already online. And I know guys who say they dont post any where who have shown me clips with Maddi Hayley Cali Cee b on and on. So theres no need in them hating on me thinking Im getting rich because Im not making enough to cover cost. I just love to record and i like seeing chicks i fucked on video with someone else Im always looking for that. But to sum it up its just jealousy at the end of the day.

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